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Body Language – Everybody’s Unconscious Second Language

Discovery and Research Creates a New Science!

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Developed by Arthur A. Leidecker, BCH

Neuro-subliminal Communication compares to body language like video compares to cave drawings. (SM)

N-sC goes far beyond the popular “Body Language” shows.

How would you like to “watch” two or more people in conversation and really know what they mean or think as they talk with each other? Would you like to know the real meaning of what someone says, or what they’re thinking while you speak with them? Neuro-subliminal Communication is a whole new study of body language that goes far beyond any of the previous books on the subject because it’s based on the understanding of a particular brain part that causes unconscious gestures.Art Leidecker writes about body language

Without this understanding of how this works, any knowledge of body language can only be considered interesting but superficial. Within the pages of this website I have also devoted a section to N-sC for personal and professional use.

Not only is this new study effective in understanding, it also reveals how to get others to do many things you want while thinking it’s their own idea. As a hypnotherapy teacher in my state licensed school, I’ve trained doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, dentists, and social workers, in how to hypnotize their patients.

As you may know, with hypnotism you cannot get a person to do anything they choose not to do. With Neuro-subliminal Communication that’s possible and you don’t need to know a thing about hypnosis.

Countless books on body language have been written, one as early as 1635 in England yet none of them touch on the real science behind body language. Learning the science behind it takes the study to a much higher level and gives you control over situations.

Welcome to this new “insider’s” world.

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