Smoking – one more good reason to quit !

As if there aren’t enough good reasons to quit smoking, here’s something more to think about; the effects of diminished oxygen in the red corpuscles of your blood. If you’re a smoker, you may have become so acclimated to this effect that you’re not even aware of its occurrence. But the effects are there whether you’re aware or not.

Anyone that’s experienced chemotherapy will tell you about their energy slump after a chemo treatment. It’s partially due to the drop in their blood’s oxygen level. Just one cigarette causes a similar drop. Accompanying that drop of oxygen includes a drop in your total body energy. So, that “relaxing” cigarette break is also putting a damper on your energy. You’re relaxing alright, so much so that you’re actually slowing down whether you’re aware of it or not.

Your well anticipated relaxing break is really trimming off your cutting “edge”. So when you go without smoking a cigarette for a spell, you may think that’s making you edgy, but it’s really you just getting your edge back.

And do they really relax you? Not really! The nicotine is a stimulant. You’re providing the relaxation yourself when you deeply inhale and then deeply exhale. Exhalation is the body and mind’s way of naturally relaxing you – you were born with it as a natural relaxation response. How’s that for a great business model? The tobacco companies sell you the relaxation you were born with.

And think about this! You stimulate yourself with the nicotine, override that by relaxing yourself, and then reduce your energy by depleting the oxygen in your blood. Doesn’t that seem a lot like stepping on the gas and the brake in your car at the same time?


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More About Advanced Body Language

I’m teaching my two-day Neuro-subliminal Communication class again soon. Over the years this class has been taught to Secret Service people, people from Israel, Japan, and several other countries. I also have several Sheriff’s deputies attending this upcoming class. It always proves to be fun and very interesting. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn on just the first day, full of information you can start using immediately.

The class is $295 for two days and I offer a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied that you got more than your money’s worth. I don’t think you see that very often for any kind of course.

Neuro-subliminal Communication compares to body language like video compares to cave drawings. (SM)

N-sC goes far beyond the popular “Body Language” shows.Art Leidecker writes about body language

How would you like to “watch” two or more people in conversation and really know what they mean or think as they talk with each other? Would you like to know the real meaning of what someone says, or what they’re thinking while you speak with them? Neuro-subliminal Communication is a whole new study of body language that goes far beyond any of the previous books on the subject because it’s based on the understanding of a particular brain part that causes unconscious gestures.

Without this understanding of how this works, any knowledge of body language can only be considered interesting but superficial. Within the pages of the website I have also devoted a section to N-sC for personal and professional use.

Not only is this new study effective in understanding, it also reveals how to get others to do many things you want while thinking it’s their own idea. As a hypnotherapy teacher in my state licensed school, I’ve trained doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, dentists, and social workers, in how to hypnotize their patients.

As you may know, with hypnotism you cannot get a person to do anything they choose not to do. With Neuro-subliminal Communication that’s possible and you don’t need to know a thing about hypnosis.

Countless books on body language have been written, one as early as 1635 in England yet none of them touch on the real science behind body language. Learning the science behind it takes the study to a much higher level and gives you control over situations.

People are unconsciously sending you hundreds of messages from the second you meet—Are you getting them?

Neuro-subliminal Communication goes far beyond the “body language” of the seventies. It explains away all the errors of that old study and makes your understanding multi-dimensional because it embraces new knowledge about the brain and how it operates.

People are telling you what they want, how they feel, and what they are thinking. Only those trained in this study understand even the simplest of these messages. The course consists of interactive exercises and practice, discussions, lectures and demonstrations that will quickly move you ahead with all your professional and personal relationships.

You’ll become a tougher customer because you’ll know what sales people are thinking. You’ll be amazed and delighted at your ability to decipher messages people are sending you about their likes and dislikes, how they really feel about you, when they will be receptive towards you, and a host of other unbelievable secrets. The presenter will also touch on the origin of these signals and why you can rely on them.

Whether dealing in business, with clients, or even your love interest, possession of this knowledge can be the key to your success.

You will learn how to:
Make people like you instantly.
Make people see things your way.
Make people magically want to cooperate with you.
Test for acceptance of your suggestions before they’re offered.
Communicate subconsciously to get much more “inside” meaning from every conversation.
Make people want to give you your way.
Avoid being manipulated—subconsciously!
How your actions can be predicted . . . before you’re aware of them yourself!

Answers to these questions:
Is he lying?
Does she like me?
Do they believe me?
Can I trust her?
Is this the right price?
Do they really agree?
Is my timing correct?
Do they trust me?
Is he/she attracted to me?
Will the answer be yes or no?
Whose picking up the check?

You need these answers every day when: buying a car, buying a house, meeting new friends, committing to others, relating to your love, giving your trust, communicating with co-workers, and raising children – especially teens.

My time is limited to teaching this course only once every three or four months. Early in 2000, I launched a certified consultant/trainer program for N-s C, authorizing trained persons to teach this course to individuals, groups, companies, and large corporations. The information in this course is very much in demand, so this is an excellent business opportunity for Certified Consultants.

This will be a complete program with courses taught internationally in many languages. I already have trainers lined up for Polish, Spanish, and French. Ongoing support will be provided by the me, and graduates taught by the trainers will receive certification as a N-sC Consultant. This certification will be an excellent addition to the graduate’s resumes for career enhancement in their respective fields.

This course presents an important opportunity for you, whether you wish to later apply for the Certified Consultant training as a career or business opportunity, or if you simply want the power of this knowledge for your own personal use in improving your lot in life.

Welcome to this new “insider’s” world. Upcoming class: June 20th & 21st Elgin, Illinois at the Leidecker Center

Call: Art Leidecker at 224-805-6661

To visit Art Leidecker’s Hypnotherapy website for the FREE Hypnotizability Quiz and two FREE book downloads click here:

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