Fertility by Hypnosis

Are you experiencing unexplained fertility problems?

Almost everyone knows of a friend or acquaintance that had tried for years to get pregnant with nothing but disappointment. Yet, as soon as they were successful in adopting a child they became pregnant. There’s an obvious reason for this.

It’s the reduction of stress.

Hypnotism is an outstanding and proven method of reducing or eliminating stress. Fertility by Hypnosis takes hypnosis a step further as it’s a program designed specifically for fertility. Double your chances of success!300_Baby2-18-10

Two studies conducted by Alice Domar, PhD, showed the efficacy of mind/body techniques in removing unresolved issues about having a baby. In the first study, published in 1999 in the Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association, 42% of 132 infertile women participating in a mind/body program conceived within six months of completing it.

In the second study, published in 2000 in the journal Fertility & Sterility, 55% of the previously infertile women who met regularly in a mind/body program conceived, compared with 20% of the control group who used no mind/body techniques.

A 2004 Israeli study conducted by Professor Eliahu Levitas proved that hypnosis can double the success rate of IVF. The Israeli study—the first of its kind—was presented in July 2004 to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology Conference in Berlin, and is soon to be published in an American Medical journal.

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A recent Israeli study showed that the success rate of IVF treatments doubled in its test group from 14% to 28%, when the subjects underwent hypnosis during implantation. Professor Eliahu Levitas conducted this study with 185 women. Click here to read some of his findings on hypnosis for fertility.

Dr. Gayle Peterson has developed a technique called Body-Centered Hypnosis. Dr. Peterson has found that high anxiety states in the mother must be reduced in order to normalize pregnancy and birth. She sites several research studies that suggest a positive link between fertility and treatments based on hypnosis. She is a pioneer in the field of mind/body states and their effects on fertility, pregnancy and birthing. To read more about Dr. Peterson and her work, click here.
Dr. Alice Domar has been published in several important journals, such as Fertility & Sterility (1990 and 2000) and the Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association (1999). She emphasizes “mind/body” techniques that include self-hypnotic suggestions to reduce stresses that interfere with conception and healthy pregnancy. Domar is the author of Conquering Infertility, and other books on the topic. She now heads the Domar Center in Waltham MA. See the Domar Center web site here.

Dr. Ernest L. Rossi specializes in psychobiology, or the relationship between the mind and physical body states. He has done extensive research to suggest that human genes must be in a state of physical readiness for conception to take place, and that hypnotic-type suggestions can activate specific genes, including the IL-1, c-fos, and the CYP17 in a specific order. Dr. Rossi co-wrote the paper, The Neuroscience of Observing Consciousness & Mirror Neurons in Therapeutic Hypnosis. See the full paper here. Dr. Rossi is also the author of The Psychobiology of Gene Expression. See the Amazon page for this book.

At the Institute of Applied Psychology in Lisbon Portugal, a team of researchers led by Katharina Hirschenhauser has concluded that men who actively want to be fathers automatically adjust their testosterone levels at exactly the right time (the middle of their partners’ menstrual cycles). Perhaps there is no better hypnotic suggestion for a male partner than the idea that he wants to become a father.

Art Leidecker, BCH is co-founder and a Director of The HypnoFertility Foundation, Inc.
A non-profit organization committed to helping couples seeking help with fertility issues. Affordable monthly payments for services can be arranged.
Nothing is left to guesswork or chance. The trance depth of your session will be tracked electronically so that you are the one that determines the success of your session. Whatever your goal or challenge, you’ll be able to see your progress in very absolute detail on the computer monitor.

Art was the first to create, develop, and train hypnotists from around the world in this procedure.hynosis pattern

If your location of residence or your circumstances prohibit you from coming in for an appointment, an in-depth telephone consultation can be arranged followed by a hypnosis session and then a custom hypnosis recording made specifically for you and your detailed goals.

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