Induction and Suggestions

Induction and Suggestions – two parts

A successful hypnotic session consists of two parts: induction and suggestions. If the induction is not successful, then the suggestions will not be effective.

The induction is the process of putting the client into a state of hypnosis, which is a state of deeply focused attention and suggestibility. There are many different induction techniques, but they all have the same goal: to help the client relax and focus their attention on the hypnotist’s voice.

Clients often tell me they didn’t experience anything from a previous hypnotism session. They don’t believe they were hypnotized even though the hypnotist said they were.

If the induction is not successful, then the client will not be in a state of hypnosis. They may be relaxed and look hypnotized, but they will not be as suggestible. This means that the suggestions that the hypnotist gives will not be as effective, and all that was achieved was a pleasant session of closing their eyes and receiving advice from the hypnotist.

This can be a frustrating experience for you. You may have gone to the hypnotist with the expectation that you would be able to achieve some specific goal, such as quitting smoking, losing weight, relieving stress, etc. However, if the induction is not successful, then you will not likely be able to achieve your goal.

It’s important to find a hypnotist who is experienced and well-trained. A good hypnotist will do tests to assess your level of suggestibility and choose an induction technique that is appropriate for you. They will also be able to create suggestions that are tailored to your specific goals.

I use electronics similar to bio-feedback that tell me when you’re going into trance, when you’ve gotten there, and how deep you are. Then I will proceed with hypnotic suggestions tailored to achieve your goal.

There should be no need for long ongoing visits. You will either have results from your first session, or at the very least, know we are on the right track and can expect results without a long series of ongoing sessions. If you’re considering hypnotherapy, be sure to do your research and find a qualified hypnotist. With the right hypnotist, you can achieve the goals that you’re looking for.

Future Pacing

What is Future Pacing?

FUTURE PACING – A better way to visualize the future and make  challenging decisions.

Ever hesitate in making a decision because you simply just didn’t know how it would turn out? Do you fear possible failure, or even success? Well, future pacing can bring you comfort and enhance your self-confidence. 

Here’s the procedure:

  1. Select a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. My favorite place is in my car while parked, overlooking the river near my home.
  2. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, close your eyes and let go of all the busy thoughts on your mind. Know that you won’t forget anything you need to do, and that it all can wait for you for a little while until you’re finished.
  3. Consider your issue and determine which choices you are struggling between (I suggest you only work with two, initially.)
  4. Take your first choice and allow your mind to meander through what it would most likely be like once that choice was put into action. Consider all the people, places and things. Visualize how it would appear to others involved or observing the situation. Experience, as best you can, the way you will feel once that decision is put in place and the results begin developing. Experience yourself explaining your decision to whomever is affected.  Once you’ve completed this exercise, immediately write yourself about your experience and how you feel about that decision.
  5. Then take your second choice and allow your mind to meander through what it would most likely be like once that choice was put into action. Consider all the people, places and things. Visualize how it would appear to others involved or observing the situation. Experience, as best you can, the way you will feel once that decision is put in place and the results begin developing. Consider how you would explain your decision to others. Experience yourself explaining your decision to whomever is affected. 
  6. Once you’ve completed this final part of your exercise, immediately write yourself about your experience and how you feel about that decision.

Initially, only visualize or imagine for five years into the future. After you’ve become familiar and comfortable with the process, first do five years with each scenario, and then follow immediately with another five years. 

As you become comfortable with the process and it’s becoming more and more beneficial for you, you can move ahead further into the future.

Each time you want to participate in future pacing, you should start from that day and not from the last session. Reason: New information and observations can enhance your visualization or imaginings, therefore beneficially altering your decision.

Manifesting Abundance and Success Part 3

Find your script to success!

successIn Part 1 and 2 of manifesting abundance and success, we mentioned a script for you to follow to affirm your subconscious mind to open and allow you to build your own abundance and success. Following is the script that you can record in your own voice. Play it regularly to continue to allow your subconscious mind to be aware of opportunities. This script was copyrighted in 1997 by Arthur A. Leidecker, BCH, but in the spirit of sharing my abundance, I am sharing this opportunity with you.

I can believe that there is a form of Universal Good.  It is not really important how I understand this force, whether this Universal Good is my higher-self or inner-self or whether it is the force and power of a Universal Consciousness.  I may find this source of Universal Good in my religion or I may find it in a particular person, past or present, that I admire.

Even agnostics and atheists cannot deny the powerful forces of nature or the effectiveness of positive thinking and attitudes.  Is this not Universal Good?

Throughout the world there are no truly bad people, only some people that don’t know any better.

I may not quite remember when, but I am aware that at some deep inner level I began to realize that I am an integral part of the Universal Good; that I am gradually becoming more and more open to it and affirm prosperity and abundance as my own, but no quicker than I become ever-increasingly ready for it.

I probably already know that I have always been connected to the source of all good, of  all harmony, of all power, and of all prosperity.  Because I am connected to the source, I have access to all that it has to offer me.

Sooner or later I will open my inner and outer consciousness to receive the good, receive the success, and receive the abundance that is available to me.  I might not have noticed that the necessary changes in my inner mind have already begun taking place.

I may be wondering if I’ll suddenly become powerfully aware of these changes or if I will notice the feelings of abundance and success softly and quietly begin to stir in a place deep inside of me.  Because I am now open to success and abundance, I might notice how good it makes me feel when I remind myself that I’m on my way.  Will I believe in the perfect Universal Law of cause and effect?  Or will I wait until I begin seeing it happen in my life.  I can believe because many people have said how much belief  has worked in their lives.

People can, you know, change their lives entirely and suddenly begin living an abundant, successful life.  Can I imagine how it would be to live an abundant life?

I can prosper because now I know that in keeping with the perfect law of cause and effect, for every negative action there exists a positive counteraction.  Knowing the positive counteraction exists is half the battle.  I can, can I not, search and find a positive counteraction each and every time a seemingly negative action occurs?

People can, I know, test this perfect law by simply keeping a journal and writing down each negative action as it occurs, and then they can search for the positive counteraction.  When they find it, they can enter that action in their journal.  One could easily prove that the perfect law works because they would have it documented exactly as it happens.

People that follow these instructions say this works so well that it’s hard to believe.  Of course, those that don’t believe never experience success because they don’t look for the positive counteractions and they miss it.

You may be wondering if you’ll believe, and if you’ll practice looking for the positive counteractions.  I could tell myself that it would be foolish to not believe and that I must do it.  But I might not work as sincerely at it if I make it a hard and strict rule.

It’s easy to believe, is it not?  I can believe because it costs me nothing and because I see many successful people that are truly no smarter than I am.  Something made them successful. . . . And now, with my new understanding of the perfect Universal Law of cause and effect the process of success has begun.

I might notice how wonderful my entire being feels when I practice applying positivity to everything I say and do.

I remember to say only positive things and think only positive thoughts.

I may be wondering if  I’ll make this a new habit.  Sooner or later I’ll think positively much more than I did yesterday.  Eventually I’ll shut the negative part of my brain down to a harmless whisper.

How would it feel if I lived positively every day?  How would it feel if everyone I came in contact with likes me because of my positive personality?

What happens when I feel positive all over?

I may be wondering if  I’ll just let go and believe or will I struggle and become a believer more slowly.  Sooner or later I will let go completely and believe in the Universal Good and what I am learning.  The more I believe the better it will be.

My intuitive powers are increased because of my openness and positivity.  The little whispers of shadows of thoughts are becoming clearer and clearer.  As I listen to them more and more, they become stronger and stronger directing me towards success, prosperity, abundance, and personal fulfillment.

I probably already know that basically everyone is good.  That is the natural human condition.  It also is part of the natural human condition to be easily led astray by bad thinking, other persons, or bad environment.

The Universal Power gives me the right of free will.

What happens when I exercise my right to free choice in all matters?

I am responsible for managing my mind.

I am responsible for directing my thinking and making positive changes in my life.

I am responsible for saying yes.

I am  responsible for saying no.

I am responsible for selecting the experiences I want to have in my life.

Eventually I will realize that I am only responsible for my efforts.  The power of the Universal Good is responsible for the results.  I completely trust the power of the universe and can place my trust in its power for good.

Whenever problems occur, I immediately look for the counteracting positive while turning responsibility for the results over to the power of the universe, knowing Universal Good will prevail even if I don’t initially understand it . . . ultimately good will prevail.  Then I will make a decision even if I decide to do nothing until the picture gets clearer and a path opens up to me.  A decision to wait and do nothing can still be a decision.  When the path opens, I proceed with confidence knowing that good will prevail.  Even if I mistakenly head the wrong way, something will occur that will force me to detour if my heart is good and my intentions proper.

I accept the things I cannot change, and I have the courage to change the things I can.

I wouldn’t tell myself to get rid of any old resentments because I may think I’m not ready.  But sooner or later I will want to let them go when I realize that I’m giving someone “free rent” in my head.  Occupying my mind with resentments only wastes time that could be spent on positive, profitable things.

I no longer internally accept negative input from anyone, and I cancel any past negative input that does not serve me well in any way.

I allow no one to persuade me to not follow this new life strategy.  I shut off the inner critic in my mind that tries to put me off course to look for an “easier, softer way.”  This IS the easier, softer way and I know it deep inside me at my inner deepest subconscious level.  My inner critic may try to alter my course but I know it is only an excuse to become lazy and accept less than I deserve.

Nothing really stands in my way as the Universal Truth is perfect and flawless . . . . Obstacles are merely detours that correct my course through the perfect law of cause and effect.  As I learn the law better and better every day, I am getting better and better in every way.

The Universal Good is ever flowing positive energy.  It is light, it is love, it is truth, it is reliable, it is trustworthy, it is perfect, and it is forever.

Every day in every way I’m getting better and better because what I have learned is manifesting in my life more and more.

I am every day becoming more and more conscious of the power of the Universal Good and the perfect way that it works in my life, because I am open to it in my mind, in what I say, and in my actions.  I am to receive the Universal Good in my life and I become more open each day through increasingly positive living.  Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.

I am now aware that my mind is unlimited in its ability to tune in to the Universal Power.  In learning how to do this, it is only natural for me to experience success, harmony, abundance, and fulfillment because this is truly the perfect functioning of the Universal Good.

I am perfectly guided by the Universal Power and now I know how to see and hear this guidance.  Now I know how to be open to receive the guidance.

The Universal Good is powerful and constant— never changing.  It is always available to me.  Even if I resist the law of cause and effect and try to force results and make things to go my way, the Power will still be there for me when I surrender and I am ready to accept responsibility for my effort but turn the results over to the Universal Good.

I am ready for opportunities for success, for wealth, for abundance, and for self-fulfillment.

I am spiritually ready.

I am physically ready.

I am emotionally ready.

I am READY for opportunities.

I am a success and I am becoming even more successful.

Opportunities appear before me more rapidly and in greater frequency than ever before because I now see them more clearly as my subconscious brings them to my attention.

I am now aware that what may appear as my imperfections are really in perfect harmony with the universe.  Human imperfection is part of the perfect harmony.  I am unique and growing.  There is no other me.  I am a composite of all that I have lived and all that I have experienced.  There is great value in what I have learned.  Even the bad experiences have ultimately taught me much, and I am now aware that they can be turned into good if I look for and find the counteracting positives.  I will not deny any of  life’s past hurts or problems.  Because I am a survivor, my past will serve me well.  And because I have survived . . . I am now the master of  my past, and I will wear it well.  I now believe, more than I ever did before.  I now understand that the old saying, “Seeing is believing” is non-productive.  The productive statement is: “Believing is seeing.”  The power of the Universal Good is only experienced by those who believe.  Now that I am ready to believe, I will be able to see.  Everyone cannot receive this power because everyone does not believe.

By opening myself to this Universal Good, I can feel it moving throughout my mind and my body causing me to become more intensely alive to fully savor and enjoy every experience and every moment to its absolute fullest, getting more and more out of this positive new life.

As I now am one with the Universal Good, I realize that money is not evil.  Money is good.  I can do good things for myself and others with money.  I do good for others with my money.  Success, prosperity, abundance, and personal fulfillment is what I desire.  Accumulation of wealth is a good way of determining how well I am managing the strategy of my life.

Because of what I have just learned and now practice, I realize I have earned a new, greater confidence in myself and all my abilities.  I can, can I not, now realize that I have new, very effective tools and have greatly expanded my abilities with these tools.  I might notice how good my spirit feels when I think, speak, and act positively and apply all these things in my life.  The simplicity of this strategy is part of the perfection.  I don’t have to believe.  Not everyone will simply believe.  I believe it’s true, I live the principles of its truth, and it is already becoming true in my life.

Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.

If you do not want to read this into a recorder to listen to your own voice, this link is for a version that you can download or book mark to return to this page often.

Wishing you abundance and success in your life!

Manifesting Abundance and Success Part 2

Read on about manifesting abundance and success!

In part 1 of our blog series on manifesting abundance and success, we discussed a few reasons why you need to hear the message often.

The embedded suggestions we mentioned in Part 1, are all positive affirmations to manifest abundance and wealth at both the conscious and subconscious levels. Shortly after I began using affirmations I came up with an idea that enabled me to retire early at a young age and pursue other interests – affirmations definitely work!

For this to work, however, you must rely on the Universal Good. The only way you’re entitled to rely on this Universal Good is to become a part of it. Not later – not after you’ve gotten what you want -but NOW. You can do this by disciplining yourself to be positive in all that you do and say, to the best of your ability.

Wealth and abundance may begin coming to you in a variety of ways; and some of them may seem small at first.abundance

Watch for small and good things beginning to happen to you, because they will. The more you listen to the recording, the more results you can expect. Abundance is not limited to just money. It can be improved relations at work, at home, or with friends.

It can be comfort or satisfaction in some of the things you already have. It can also be a new appreciation of the good things in your life.

You must be ready for wealth. If you can’t manage a small amount of money, you will not be given the opportunity to manage a larger amount of money. So if you’re not yet ready for money, you can prepare yourself for it by carefully managing what you already have.

Your intention must be to share some of what you begin gaining with others that are less fortunate. And, as good things begin coming your way, and they surely will, you must begin to do that sharing immediately. If you do not, no matter how small or how large the flow has begun it will stop or diminish in size. The good that will come to you will not only be for you, it is entrusted to you to do good and positive things with it.

Are you ready to manifest abundance and success in your life? Read the script in Part 3.

Manifesting Abundance and Success Part 1

How can you begin manifesting your own abundance and success?

Manifesting has something to do with this – Have you ever noticed that until you bought your newest vehicle, you never realized how many makes of the same car in the same color were around?

That is because your subconscious mind didn’t know you were interested in that particular car, in that particular color. Once you bought that model and color car, your subconscious mind became alerted to your interest in it, and began bringing every one you subconsciously saw into your conscious attention. At the end of this series of articles, you will find a “Manifesting Script” that you will be able to use.

You can easily read this script into your cellphone recording app. You don’t even need to hold your phone near your mouth. Then whenever you have a little quiet time, you can close your eyes, relax, play the recording, and allow your subconscious mind to absorb the powerful suggestions putting you on the path to abundance. (If you don’t have a recording app, I recommend “Smart Recorder.” You can easily find it via Google Play – It’s free! If you have an iPhone, look for the “Utilities” folder on the iPhone’s home screen, then tap the “Voice Memos” icon to launch the application.)

The more frequently you hear your recording, the greater the impact it will have on your


subconscious mind. This may seem like only a very small effort to make towards wealth and success, but remember: the small mosquito halted the construction of the Panama Canal for years and the snowflake defeated Napoleon.

Your small effort in consistent listening will create success. Your subconscious mind will start bringing to your conscious attention more and more opportunities for gain and fulfillment every day. And your intuition will become sharpened, enabling you to see positive directions to take.

This is not a hypnotic tape, although an especially good time to play it is while relaxing. You should play it throughout the day. Play it in the car, while exercising, working, and as a background as often as you can. The more you play it the sooner it will start working for you. Some of the phrases may seem peculiar or awkward to you, but that’s because they contain embedded suggestions that your subconscious will recognize and understand.

Read Manifesting Abundance and Success Part 2 if you are interested in finding out more about creating your own manifestations about abundance and success.